The Benefits Of Multani Mitti For Skin As A Natural Remedy

The Benefits Of Multani Mitti For Skin As A Natural Remedy

When it comes to beauty and skin care, getting a smooth and glowing complexion is everyone’s dream. It is 100% true that a good-looking face boosts confidence and gives charm to your personality. The secret behind most of the beautiful faces is Multani mitti. 

Due to its cleansing properties, Multani mitti removes dead skin cells and dark circles, controls excessive oil on the skin, treats pimples and acne, and improves skin health and tone.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of multani mitti for the skin and how to use it effectively.

What Is Multani Mitti?

Multani mitti “mud from Multan” is a natural ingredient that originated in Multan, a city in Pakistan. You can also call it “fuller’s earth”. The reason behind its effectiveness is it contains huge amounts of minerals. The primary minerals are hydrous aluminum silicates. 

Fuller’s earth consists of various clay minerals, like montmorillonite, kaolinite, and attapulgite. It may also contain small amounts of calcite, dolomite, and quartz. It sometimes contains calcium bentonite, a type of clay largely composed of montmorillonite.

What Is Multani Mitti?

Most importantly, fuller’s Earth is indeed known for its decolorizing property. It’s often used in oil refining and other industries because it can remove colors from liquids without chemical treatment.

These minerals in multani mitti are good absorbents, helping in decontamination and the treatment of poisoning. Moreover, they are also used as a cleaning agent. 

What Are The Multani Mitti Benefits?

Multani mitti is extremely beneficial for both skin and hair. Let’s explore how it improves your skin and hair health.

 Incredible Skin Benefits of Multani Mitti

1. Cleansing And Purifying Properties

This fuller earth has the ability to pull out oil, dirt and other impurities from your skin and gives you a fresh look. It also purifies your skin, improving your skin health.

2. Oil Controlling For All Skin Types

Excessive oil damages your skin. Due to its absorbing nature, this mineral clay plays an important role in oil control on your skin. Plus, it normalizes the oil production on your skin.

3. Effectiveness Against Acne And Aiding In The Healing Process

This natural ingredient is capable of fighting against acne. It aids in removing acne and prevents acne formation as well. Furthermore, it boosts the healing process.

4. Exfoliation To Remove Dead Skin Cells And Blackheads/Whiteheads

It is a great natural exfoliant. It can help remove dead skin cells, along with blackheads and whiteheads. Plus, it really helps if you’re dealing with dandruff or eczema.

6. Removal Of Dark Circles

The dark circles on your face overshadow your beauty. Multani mitti helps to lighten them and after a few treatments, they disappear. 

 Incredible Hair Benefits of Multani Mitti

1. Gentle Cleansing Without Stripping Natural Oils

Due to its cleansing properties, Multani mitti cleans your scalp without disturbing its natural oils. As a result, it makes your hair more healthy and shiny.

Incredible Hair Benefits of Multani Mitti

2. Treatment Of Dandruff And Eczema

If you are dealing with dandruff or eczema, it is beneficial for you. This natural remedy treats these conditions well and prevents hair loss as well. 

3. Conditioning And Repairing Damaged Hair

This ingredient also plays as a conditioner. From repairing damaged hair to restoring its beauty and natural shine, it works surprisingly.

4. Deodorizing Properties For The Scalp And Hair

Sometimes you smell unpleasant odors on your scalp, indicating an unhealthy scalp. Its deodorizing properties keep your scalp and hair fresh.

How To Use Multani Mitti Mask For Skin Care

Multani mitti can be used in various ways to treat skin problems.

How To Use Multani Mitti Mask For Skin Care
  • When You Get Oil On The Skin

The mask to control oil and get skin glow:

  • Fill a tablespoon of Multani mitti
  • Fill two teaspoons of rose water 
  • Then, mix them well.
  • Now apply it to your face and remove it after 30 minutes.
  • When You Get Pimples And Acne

The mask to remove pimples and acne:

  • Dissolve two tablespoons of Multani mitti with honey
  • Mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder as well
  • Apply and remove after 15-20 minutes.
  • When You Get Dry Skin:

To get rid of dry skin:

  • Get an equal quantity of multani mitti and curd
  • Add some honey and a few drops of lemon juice
  • Apply on your skin and wash it with cold water right after 20 minutes
  • When You Get Dark Circles:

To lighten the dark circles:

  • Mix it with glycerine and almond paste
  • Then gently apply it around your eyes
  • When it dries, moisten it with water and wipe away gently

How To Use Multani Mitti For Skin Whitening

Method #1

  1. Grab an equal quantity of multani mitti, sugar, and coconut water
  2. Gently rub this mixture onto your skin in circular motions
  3. Keep it on your face for 15-20 minutes
  4. Then, remove with warm water.
How To Use Multani Mitti For Skin Whitening

Method #2

  1. Mix the same quantity of multani mitti and oatmeal powder 
  2. Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of sandalwood powder
  3. Mix these dry ingredients well
  4. Then add enough milk to form a paste
  5. Now get it on your skin and rub gently

Method #3

  1. Grab a tablespoon of Multani mitti. 
  2. Dissolve it with a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, tomato juice, and milk
  3. Apply this paste on your tanned look
  4. Remove it with cold water after 15-20 minutes

Who Must Avoid Multani Mitti?

No doubt multani mitti is a great solution for many skin types but not for everyone. If your skin is sensitive or dry enough, do not use it. As it has oil-absorbing properties, it can cause irritation and more dryness. 

To avoid this issue, you should always conduct a patch test before using Multani mitti or any type of beauty product so that it cannot cause allergic reactions to your skin.


Multani mitti is a natural remedy for a variety of skin and hair conditions. Whether you’re dealing with oily skin, acne, dry skin, or dark circles, there is no better treatment than it. Its benefits extend to your hair, providing gentle cleansing, treating dandruff, conditioning, and deodorizing. Moreover, avoid using it if you have extremely dry or sensitive skin. It’s no secret that beauty comes from nature, and Multani mitti for skin is the best of it.

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